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Along with our promise to make superior garments, we are also committed to giving back. We found the best, and quickest way to affect change was by planting trees. With every purchase you make, we will plant three trees. This cultivation of trees will not only provide better air quality, temperature, and oxygen relief, but will promote healthy ecosystems and more places for you to roam.


We hope to inspire you to take a journey through an unfamiliar area where the result enables you to feel most alive. Whether that’s exploring a new country or neighborhood, or a trip into self-discovery, we create products that are functional, fun, and ready to accompany you through it all.


Zane: Co-Founder

Using his degree in design, he created original garments, beginning with the Drinking Jacket, a hoodie with various features, including a beverage pocket and bottle opener zipper. Desiring to create the world’s best traveling companion, he released the Adv3nture Hoodie in 2016, which became the most successful apparel Kickstarter ever. It was called “the only travel clothing you need” by Conde Nast Traveler and “stylish and exceedingly comfortable” by Men’s Gear. With the success of the Kickstarter, Zane formed Adv3nture, LLC and surrounded himself with talented people to help grow the Adv3nture brand.

While traveling the world, Zane saw things that solidified his concern for the world’s natural habitats. Living in California, among extreme droughts, monumental forest fires and occasional deluges of rain, Zane has also become acutely aware of detrimental environment conditions impacting communities. With a deep appreciation for nature and the environment, Zane devised a plan where the Adv3nture brand would produce premium quality garments while also bringing attention to the environment and giving back to the planet with a tree initiative. So, for every Adv3nture product sold, three trees will be planted.

Mel: Co-Founder

Before Mel was a Lamprey, she was a producer on one of Zane’s television shows.  This unexpected meeting allowed/forced them to travel extensively together throughout the world and to experience the goods and the bads that come with such an opportunity.  Mel brought her passion for the outdoors, and for the endangered environment into this relationship.  A long-time hiker, world traveler, and National Park lover (self-admitted, obsessive), their marriage combined their mutual enthusiasm for the natural world with their passion to create and inspire. The Adv3nture brand is the result of 8 years of travel and exploration experiences, and their desire to improve the planet’s health. Mel is committed to “fix our shit,” as she all too often, and somewhat inappropriately likes to say.  Other passions include; animals, indigenous and domestic rescue, food, and her twin sister.

Erica: Vice President

A Michigan native, Erica was raised with a natural love for the outdoors and all seasons.  After moving to LA, she began working in the apparel industry, specifically concentrating on products and garments known for exceptional quality and function; and with companies willing to give back to the Earth. The passion and skills she developed there led to a seamless transition towards the Adv3nture brand. Erica is a world traveler, always willing to explore the unknown, and seeking to fulfill her best life with her husband and family while giving back to her community. A secondary passion of hers is doughnuts, which she is no longer allowed to bring to the Adv3nture office, no matter how fancied up they are.

Hess: Creative Director

Hess is no stranger to adventure.  At seven years old, he and his family relocated from his native country of Haiti to the United States in search of the opportunities that some might take for granted. This “American” opportunity, plus the hard work, high moral standards, and respect instilled in him by his preacher father led him successfully through college, collegiate sports, and on into his career as creative director in the burgeoning era of start-up era businesses. Hess landed at Adv3nture when looking for a new project that combined his desire to positively affect the planet with his experience in fashion and business. When not out experiencing life, Hess can be found in the office, eating truffle Mac n Cheese after a hard CrossFit workout.

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