Tree Program Initiative

We at Adv3nture support, and emphasize a lifestyle of  “live, explore, and travel.”  Not only do we aim to produce clothing to assist you in these endeavors, we have created a tree planting program that we feel will enable more of what we, and hopefully you, enjoy.

We are incredibly excited to announce our partnership with Archangel Ancient Tree Archive (AATA). The journey began over two years ago when Zane Lamprey met David Milarch, founder of AATA. They’re two visionaries on separate paths with the same destination. With our partnership with AATA, we will bring our Adv3nture Tree Initiative to fruition, and plant trees until our fingers bleed.

“…Reforest the Earth with the offspring of these trees to provide the myriad of beneficial ecosystem services essential for all life forms to thrive including releasing oxygen, sequestering carbon dioxide, providing beneficial aerosols and medicines: essentially a global warming solution.” – Archangel Ancient Tree Archive

The mission of Archangel Ancient Tree Archive is three-fold: To propagate the world’s most important old growth trees before they are gone; to archive the genetics of ancient trees in living libraries around the world for the future; and to reforest the Earth with the offspring of these trees to provide the myriad of beneficial ecosystem services essential for all life forms to thrive.

Not only will we be planting these heroic trees, but we will be assessing individual planting locations for best indigenous growth. Meaning native species, or, whatever is best for that location, for that particular soil, and for the flora and fauna involved.  We are aiming to re-establish lasting ecosystems for maximum affect! In addition to this, our program plants three trees, not just one.  Who wants to be alone all of the time?   And, this is all being done across the US, not on some remote island you haven’t heard of.  Not that we don’t love islands, we just want to start cleaning up things nearby, knowing that ultimately, the entire world benefits anyhow.

Members of the Adv3nture community will be invited to join us in planting trees and other events. And, please note; we have fun with whatever we do. Life is for the living. And we want to live this life to the fullest. You may wonder how you become a member of the Adv3nture community. The answer is; you already are. We’re all in this together!

What’s another benefit to this tree planting business? More wild space.  More wild places for us, for animals, for other plants.  Win win.

You see, our passion lies in the environment, in the natural world that is all around us.  For us, that is outdoor exploration among trees and dirt and rocks…places that we can be alone and feel the wild and breathe more easily.  And although your adventure may be different, we can find commonality in one thing…we all strive to “get out there” …and our “out there” is in jeopardy.

We are on a mission to live, explore, and travel. We hope that by sharing our adventures with you that you’ll be moved to go on some of your own.  We hope that by fostering our tree-planting program that you’ll be inspired to make your own difference. And we hope that you will join us in changing the world.  And, finally, we hope to see you out there!

Archangel Tree Archive Project

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