ADV3NTURE Cooler Backpacks for Everyday Adventures!

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One jacket. Any Adv3nture.

Innovative travel jackets designed with 23 innovative features ready for wherever life takes you.


Giving back to the planet, giving forward to our future. For every item purchased we plant three trees.

The most innovative travel jackets ever


Every Adv3nture jacket converts into a full-sized microfleece travel pillow.

Holds Your Drink

Neoprene beverage holder pocket keeps your drink of choice warm or cold.


Both of our Inner Layer jackets zip into either of our Outer Layer jackets.

Men's Hoodie Women's Fleece

Brand new

Inner Layers

Adv3nture’s Inner jackets - including our Voyageurs Hoodie and Badlands Fleece - can be worn on their own, or zipped into either of our Outer layers for added warmth, weather-proofing, and versatility.

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Men's Windbreaker Women's Parka

Brand new

Outer Layers

Adv3nture’s Outer jackets - including our Wind Cave Windbreaker and Glacier Parka - can be worn alone, or paired with an Inner jacket for additional layering capabilities.

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Our Mission

With every purchase you make, we plant three trees - to better the air we breathe, support healthy ecosystems, and create more wild places for us all to roam.

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