Investor Update Q1 2022


In this update, I’m going to talk about:

  • Our current Reg CF investor round, happening on Start Engine, until March 31st
  • 2021 Q4 sales
  • SKU’s and MOQ’s.

We have another investor round happening right now on StartEngine. What does that mean to you as an investor?

It means that we’re getting more investors. And the more investors we get the better it is for all of us. It means more capital for products, product development, overhead, and growing of the business.

It also means that you have the opportunity to “re-up”. Re-upping means adding to your original investment. If you buy stock in this round, it will be added to your original investment, so both investments are in the same place. The best time to have invested was when most of you did in 2019. The second best time is now. We have big plans for the brand that we will share with you as the year goes on.


Adv3nture closed out 2021 with a very strong Q4 holiday season, with excellent sales and renewed excitement over our Cascades Jacket, which is our jacket made from recycled water bottles.

Cyber Week and December Holiday sales are marquee selling times for all retailers but especially online-focused retailers. Adv3nture relished in the year end online sales flurry with a very strong November and December with 5,085 units sold. These two strong closing months accounted for 31% of the 2021 sales, which is right where it should be.

The majority of our orders were placed online but our physical store location in Seattle, WA, located in the city’s Ballard district also contributed to this overall order number. Serving both as a showroom and our online fulfillment center, the goal of our physical location is to pay for itself, which it more than did in Q4 – which we’re happy about. This was the plan for when we left our third party fulfillment partner, and we’re happy to see that it’s working. We are self-fulfilling the majority of our products, at a lower cost of using our previous third party partner, while also getting a storefront out of it.


I’m going to do something a little different in this update, and give a brief education about the ordering side of the business.

As we continue to build the Adv3nture brand, our strategy is to increase our SKUs (which are “stock keeping unit”), a cryptic way of saying “unique items in stock”. Our plan is to increase our SKU’s while reducing our MOQs. MOQs are “minimum order quantities”, which is the lowest quantity of products that we are able to order fro the manufacturer.

Because we have an excellent track record and relationship with our manufacturer, they are reducing our MOQ’s, so we can broaden our product range and more effectively grow the business.  

This will enable our current customer base to purchase multiple options, as well as expanding our prospective customer base with more diverse options. This strategy would carry forth with all aspects of our product offerings for 2022.

Not just limiting inventory expansion to jackets and flannels, as we did in 2021, we are working on increasing our product line across the board in 2022, with many more products in several new categories.

In 2022, we plan to roll out more products than we ever have in the past.


I am currently on a national stand up comedy tour. Last year I performed at 89 breweries across the country. This year, I expect to perform at 140 breweries. We are bringing the Adv3nture booth on the road, as we have for the past 15 shows. This is a great opportunity to introduce people to the brand, grow our e-mail marketing list, let people see our product in person, and to meet up with you.

The roadshow, for Adv3nture, has paid for itself up to this point – meaning that we have made enough money selling products at the shows to pay for Trent, who is running the Adv3nture booth. This is great for the brand, and we hope to continue this throughout the year.

For show dates, visit

To look into upping your investment, or for anyone who you know that may be interested in investing, you can visit and click on “Invest In Adv3nture”.

I hope to see you at a brewery near you!


Zane Lamprey
CEO & Founder