The Latest from Zane: Thanksgiving Day Update

Hello and Happy Turkey Day to all! I hope this update finds you doing well, and that you and yours are enjoying the holiday season.

Zane in Adv3nture tee

There is a lot going on right now that I'm incredibly excited about (and I hope you will be too!), including two new TV shows, a new podcast featuring a drunk dial hotline, and a sale for my travel apparel brand Adv3nture.

In future updates I'll be announcing free events, upcoming standup tour dates, and more news on Adv3nture.

Zane's World Podcast is Back

I've now joined PodcastOne, an incredible network of podcasters that has given me the resources to be able to record from anywhere in the world. So, I'll be releasing a new episode every Wednesday with celebrity guests, my wife Mel, Steve McKenna, and many of my friends.

We also have a new hotline so we can answer your questions (or drunken ramblings) during the show - you'll be able to give us a ring at 949-441-3258!

Adam Carolla - The Man Show

Zane and Adam chat cars

In this week's episode I head to Adam Carolla's garage, where we talk about cars, racing, and how Tom Cruise is too aggressive on the track.

It was great to see how much his empire (and corresponding car collection) has grown since we met years ago. Back home, in the studio, we cover the countries to live in for long life! And Adam hops in my new (old) ride so we can snap this photo.

Tory Belleci - Mythbusters!

Zane and Tory enjoy a brew

In another recent episode, everyone's favorite buster of myths (and my very good friend) Tory Belleci comes over to the house, where he tells us a story from the first season of Mythbusters! that he wasn't able to talk about until now (hint: it involves a canonball and the inadvertent destruction of a neighborhood). And we talk about why you shouldn't bring a port-o-potty on an airplane!

Check out these and more episodes at PodcastOne. I'd be tickled pink if you'd SUBSCRIBE!

Adventures with Adv3nture

As many of you know, we launched our newest line of Adv3nture jackets on Kickstarter last year, all of which have been shipped out to backers AND are now available for purchase right here at

Right now we are having a Cyber Week SALE with free US shipping on all purchases and a free travel game with every $100 you spend. Check out the collection and find your favorite!

You may have seen around the internet some of our stop motion gifs featuring our Adv3nture jackets. Here's a behind-the-scenes peek at how we created them!

It's a pillow... and a jacket!

Working on stop motion

Four Sheets with Zane Lamprey

I have a new travel-and-drinking show coming out very soon, and it's the best one yet! Get ready for Four Sheets, the follow-on to one of my favorite shows I've worked on: Three Sheets. I took all of the ingredients of that show, added an extra sheet, shook the shit out of it, and got Four Sheets!

Zane for Four Sheets

We shot six amazing episodes this past summer for DrinkTV, a new network that will be launching in January. It's the best show that I've ever been a part of and I can't wait for you to see it. I'll share a link to watch for free when it premiers.

The First Six Episodes

We head to Peru, Grand Cayman, Mexico City, Switzerland, Santorini, and Paris, where I drank everything under the sun. Along with (or in spite of) that, I was poisoned, got hit in the head with a bat, and I jumped off a bridge. It's everything Three Sheets was and more.

The first episode is dedicated to my friend, Anthony Bourdain, who had been a source of advice and inspiration over the years.

Between The Sheets with Steve McKenna

Between The Sheets

The DrinkTV network execs were so blown away by the first Four Sheets episodes that they ordered six episodes of a behind-the-scenes show hosted by Steve McKenna (of Three Sheets, Chug, and Drinking Made Easy) that we'll call Between The Sheets. Not to ruin the show, but our sound guy passes out twice in the roundtable discussion. You'll have to watch to find out why.

Monkey Rum

We launched Monkey Rum in the great state of Texas this past weekend. In a whirlwind tour I signed hundreds of bottles of rum at events in Ft. Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin. I couldn't be happier to meet you lovely folks who come out to those events. We sampled a good amount of rum, shared stories, and took photos. Thank you to everyone who came!

More bottle signings are coming up - Southern California in December and Georgia, Colorado, Nevada, Louisiana, and plenty more states in 2019. I hope to see you there!

That's all for now... catch you again soon! CHEERS!