Our Top 6 Après Ski Drinks!

In my first two weeks at Adv3nture, I visited a dozen breweries in seven states. It was a welcome initiation in what working with this brand is like. I quickly learned that Travel, Explore, Live was more than just the company’s motto, it’s their job description... and I love it.

“You’re hired. You start tomorrow. We’re going to Park City.” That was uttered verbatim by Zane Lamprey in my final job interview. The next night I found myself outfitted in an Adv3nture parka standing in the middle of a snow-covered field in northern Utah, at an elevation of 7,000 feet, with the temperature a balmy 7°. It was like beaming me to a foreign planet.

I should point out that I’m a Mexican-El Salvadorian-American, born and living in Los Angeles. The closest snow that I’ve seen was when in mountains outside of LA, at a distance of 50 miles. The morning after a rainstorm has incredible visibility, as the airborne smog now falls to the ground. And the mountains that were dusted with powder are now visible to my brown Latino eyes.

6 pm. Darkness. Unfathomably cold. After intentionally torturing myself (for the experience) with a colder face than I had ever had, I headed into the hotel, to the bar, with a roaring fire, and asked Jack, behind the bar, what hot cocktails might help to alleviate my condition. Aprés Ski as I learned, translated from French into “After Ski”, is when skiers and snowboarders head to the bars after a day on the slopes. Hot drinks (the adult kind) are a great way to take off the chill and warm the room.

So began my exhaustive research, with the help of my new friend, and the barman who poured him, into the world of winter cocktails.
Hot Toddy
This little dandy is a mixture of Whiskey, Hot Water, and Honey is popular among skiers and is a seldom-used cough/cold remedy. Or try the Canadian variant, with maple syrup used as a substitute for Honey ‘Eh?
Irish Coffee
What do you get when you add a little firewater to the most popular drink in the world? An instant classic! 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed every year, but only the brave and the bold add whiskey to their fresh brew!  A good whiskey can make any coffee better. I would avoid drinking this before you hit the snow, however. You do not want to be the one friend in your group who gets arrested for an SUI( Skiing Under the Influence). Yes, it’s a real thing. 
Hot Buttered Rum 
Do you remember going to your grandmother’s house as a child, when she was preparing baked goods for the holidays? Well, this drink tastes like that, but with alcohol.  I call this Christmas in a glass. Butter, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Rum make for a belly-warming drink. Fun fact, January 17th is Hot Butter Rum Day, so don’t say we didn’t you. 
Tequila Mint Hot Chocolate
Now here is something I’m a little more familiar with, my good friend tequila! Whoever said that tequila is only meant for margaritas and white sandy beaches hasn’t had tequila mint hot chocolate in sub-freezing temperatures. Peppermint schnapps, chocolate, cream, and Tequila combine to make a sweet and rich cocktail perfect to warm you up after some time in the winter chill.
Cappuccino with Amaro
Simple. Sweet. Coffee drinks pair well with many things, but there is something special about some coffee poured with some that delicious Italian Liqueur. Add a little cream for some added flavor, and you will have yourself an elegant, face warming drink. 
This Italian staple is in ski-resorts from the Rockies to the Alps!  Brandy, liqueur, cinnamon and whipped cream mix well to make a hot spirited drink.  If you like Ferraris, wear Gucci or enjoy the more exotic things in life, then give this one a try.