About 3 Trees Initiative

About 3 Trees

At Adv3nture, we’re explorers. We encourage and inspire the members of our community to embrace exploration - of themselves, of their communities, and of the world around them. To that end, we craft the finest, most functional, and most durable apparel possible to accompany you along the way.

But that’s only half of the equation. As explorers and adventurers, we take inspiration from the world around us. But we want to do more than observe - we want to give back.

That’s why we’re so incredibly proud of our partnership with Archangel Ancient Tree Archive (Archangel for short). Just like the number of trees we plant for every purchase, Archangel’s mission is threefold:

1)  Propagate the world’s most important old-growth trees before they are gone.

2) Archive the genetics of ancient trees in living libraries around the world.

3) Reforest the Earth with the offspring of these trees, ultimately providing the myriad beneficial ecosystem services essential for all life on the planet to thrive.

Why We're Doing It


Our journey with Archangel began in 2016 when Adv3nture founder Zane met Archangel founder David Milarch - two visionaries on separate paths leading to the same destination: to plant trees until our fingers bleed. And we don’t just pick a field and plant some trees - we carefully choose each individual planting site throughout the United States in order to cultivate indigenous growth that will maximize positive impact on local ecosystems. Only then do we plant some trees.

We plant these heroic trees because our passion is for the environment that supports all of us. Without it, what would we explore? Where would we find escape to breathe the fresh tree-filtered air and feel the magnitude of true wilderness? The more wild space we preserve and plant today, the more there is for us - and future generations of adventurers - to explore in days to come.

Sound like fun? Good, because we want you to join us! Each and every member of the Adv3nture community - including you - is in this with us, and we invite you to help make a difference too. Come plant some trees!

We love to #plant3trees