For over a decade, Adv3nture founder, Zane Lamprey, has hosted travel shows for Travel Channel (Three Sheets), Food Network (Have Fork, Will Travel), NatGeo (Chug), and Mark Cuban’s HDNet (Drinking Made Easy) stamping 67 countries into his passport along the way. His new show, Four Sheets, can be seen on the BrewDog Network starting on August 25, 2018. The one constant in all those show, besides Zane himself, was his traveling companion, Pleepleus, a stuffed monkey.

Pleepleus (plee-plee-us) made his first appearance in Three Sheets in 2006. Zane initially wanted to make a drinking game around the show, so viewers could live vicariously through his televised travels and adventures. In each episode, he hid the monkey in the background of places he visited. As soon as people discovered the monkey, and this name, what started as a secret, quickly became a fan-favorite. Since then, Pleepleus has found his way into all of Zane’s show.

In honor of Pleepleus, and the miles that he has put in, we are hiding the monkey on many of our garments. You don’t have to take a sip of your beverage when you find him, that would be silly... right? But you’ll be happy to know that as far off the grid that you go, you’ll still have your traveling companion along for the ride.