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three tree initiative

The “3” in our name represents our Three Tree Initiative whereby we plant three trees with every product sold. Our goal is to raise awareness of the restorative benefits trees provide, while increasing tree population in the United States.

We are determined to change the world, three trees at a time.  

We are proud partners with Green Forests Work; a non-profit organization reforesting formerly mined lands in Appalachia. Their efforts have begun to return native trees to the area, restoring previous ecosystems.


We're planting the seeds of change. Do we expect that we're going to be able to reforest the over 1,000,000 acres of abandoned strip mines in the Appalachian region? Maybe. A revolution begins with a seed of an idea, and a person to make it grow. Maybe that person is you...

If we can inspire you to plant a tree, then we win.

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