Steve McKenna'd

Color: Vintage Black

The Steve McKenna tee, back after a 10-year hiatus. If you don't know who the Steve McKenna of your group is, that's because it's you...

Steve Mc•Kenn•a'd
adj./past participle of Steve McKenna
inebriated to the point where on loses control of one's actions. Examples include: drunk dialing, streaking, etc. "Sorry I hit on your mom last night, I was Steve Mckenna'd"
(origins: Three Sheets, Drinking Made Easy, Chug, Four Sheets)

This is a premium t-shirt hand-made in the USA. It is individually hand-sewn in downtown Los Angeles using USA-grown cotton. Once it's assembled it is then garment dyed, which gives the shirt a premium vintage look. After it's dyed, the tee is printed with a water-based ink, which is much softer than the typical Plastisol inks that most t-shirts are printed with. It is them enzyme washed to give it a softer feel, and a vintage look. It is then pressed, labeled, and shipped to you. It'll be favorite, broken in t-shirt from day one!

These Special Edition Tees are sized/made differently than our other tees. Please note the SIZING & MEASUREMENTS chart to verify fit.

• 100% American cotton
• Pre-washed and pre-shrunk
• Garment-dyed (shirts are dyed individually once cut and sewn)
• Water-based inks

We make our products in America for a bevvy of reasons. We choose to take a very active role in how and where our products are made to ensure the highest quality apparel and uphold our standards for responsible manufacturing. We also really like to watch stuff being made. Manufacturing Adv3nture products  domestically lets us accomplish all of those things.

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